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Cancelled commissions.

Hi all. First time posting here. :)
Recently someone commissioned me to draw them two cheshire type cats (I really hate being known for those but whatever o.o) for some little storefront thing they have on SecondLife. I said cool, gave them a VERY cheap price ($50 for two very detailed digital paintings), and got to work sketching. Showed her the sketches, she loved them, so I moved on to coloring. After I had flat colored, I was having some problems and didn't know how she wanted the colors to be, so I posted some versions on DA for her approval. Then I heard nothing from her, kept trying to contact through DA notes and e-mail, with no response. This was two, almost three weeks ago. She commissioned me probably, I dunno.. Over a month ago, I posted the sketches on 8/13. At any rate, she had sent me a couple e-mails prior to the color-approval versions, and was asking when they'd be done. I kept telling her, give me a date you'd LIKE them to be done by--I like to work under deadlines, it pushes me to get done. But she said "No, I don't need a deadline, just let me know when they will be done." Well I stopped working on them because she never responded to the color choices. What was I supposed to do, finish and then possibly have her hate the color scheme? >.< So anyway, finally I sent her one last e-mail last week, told her I was sorry but if she did not respond and/or pay me, I was cancelling her commission. Today I got her e-mail back, which stated, and I quote..

 " Hello, sorry I havent gotten back sooner.. I have been really busy with my store.
Unfortunatly im going to have to cancel, it just took too long... was a month before you had anything colored.
I had started talking to a friend about it and they had one done and colored in 2 days.
Again, sorry I havent gotten back to you sooner."

I'm livid. Absolutly livid. She didn't respond to me, did NOT respond to my color choices, didn't even tell me in a prompt manner that she had someone else do it. She also seems to think that detailed, hard work comes easy in a matter of days. Not to mention, she told me she "didn't care when they were done" as long as I could tell her when they'd be done. I recall saying "They'll be done within a week after you give me your color choices" in one of my e-mails trying to get ahold of her. But no. She just flat out stopped responding, and then tells me "It took too long."  So, am I supposed to just, RUSH my work and make it look terrible to fill people's needs? This is seriously the first time I've had someone tell me a few weeks was TOO LONG. It's just absurd. If she would have told me in the beginning she needed it by xx/xx date, I would've had it done. But no, she just kept saying it didn't matter as long as I could give her an estimated completion time.

Just. Livid. :|


I didn't include the name and such of this person. She is Intermishon on DA, and her name is... We'll just call her Heather, which is really the only way I know her. (removed e-mail)

I just recieived another e-mail from her (Oh NOW she's quick on the replies, how ironic!!) Completely insulting me.

"Ok well the attitude wasnt necessary... great art can be done in 2 days cause i have the proof of it. AND  it was a month... a MONTH before you even had any color schemes down for it. I think your very unprofessional. I waited a long time just to get a few sketches from you when i made it clear from the begining i needed them quickly.. and you said it was ok, and then i gave you a deadline and you couldnt do it. In yet you were posting doodles and misc drawing on deviant art... while what you were getting PAID for was being put aside. I wouldnt of cancelled if you had been more professional and not made me wait a MONTH cause your having rl issues, if you cant work because your boyfriend moves... then maybe you shouldnt ask people to give you work."

That is really some F*cked up stuff right there. :| She never paid me a penny, so why that is an arguing point, I DON'T KNOW. God. -.- Anyone that's looked at my DA in the past two months or so should know I had some serious problems in life, including my boyfriend moving away, losing my house, and various money issues.. Who else wouldn't put art and cruddy stuff aside to take care of those things? -___- Just. Grr.
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