Thrashbear (thrashbear) wrote in artists_beware,

What is the best way to tell a potential client that you are not interested in working on their project?

Some background: A few months ago I was contacted to make a piece of furniture for a guy in Portland. The piece would go for around $750, give or take, and he had a few special requests that would stretch my capabilities as a craftsbear. He told me several times that he was of "limited financial means" and could only afford to pay me $100 a month, which at the time I accepted because I just wanted to work. He would call me every week about it and repeat what we'd established in the previous call, rising to the official level of "pest".

Since then I am no longer interested in the $100 a month thing (I'd have to invest $300 in materials just to get it done), but he doesn't seem to understand when I tell him I need AT LEAST $250 before wood touches blade. I've been ignoring his e-mails as of late, but feel that's pretty rude and think I owe him some sort of response.

The bottom line now is I simply do not wish to deal with this person anymore and wish they would go away. I know that makes me come across as a jerk, but I can't help it, he's just annoying. How can I politely tell this dude to bugger off and still maintain my reputation as a semi-decent person?


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