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Watch out for saber_fang_wolf

For around a year now, I had been taking commissions from a former friend, saber_fang_wolf. Most of them were erotic in nature and he paid really well. However, his payments were always late. I didn't mind so much because he was the only paying customer I've ever had for art, and it didn't get really bad until I got to college.

I got to the end of the year where I was really pressed for money and he owed me $600 for a series of drawings. He promised he'd send me the money, but he'd send me the money in three sets of $200. I didn't get the first payment until sometime near the end of the year, then one more payment after that. I'd been waiting for the last payment and he'd give me excuses like, "The post office must have lost it again. I'm very willing to send the money again." (I've never ever seen such "post office problems.")

Finally, we get to about a month ago, when I started asking again for the $200. I asked him to send an Amazon gift certificate, since I've had friends send gift certificates and I knew how long it would take. He "finished" the gift certificate, then quickly signed off his MSN. I never got a confirmation email, nor have I gotten any contact from him otherwise. I'm not planning on fighting him for the last of the money, and I've certainly learned my lesson. I just want people to beware and not lose out on money like I did.

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