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Beware of Radio Comix

Over a year ago, when I was still in sequential arts school, I submitted a very short comic to Furrlough. I never heard from them again, so I went on with my life and figured they'd chosen not to publish it. After all, with me living in Sweden, the gritty details would've been a huge hassle and they've probably got more than enough domestic material to go around.

Then today, a friend mentioned he'd Googled my name, and out of curiosity I did the same to see what he'd run across.

I found this. I am not amused.

I have not recieved any kind of word from Radio Comix that they'd be publishing my comic, which is what pisses me off. I'd heard some stuff about them getting really bad about paying people a while after I submitted my comic so that bit doesn't surprise me too much.
That they'd not even pretend to want to make right by me, however... That really brushes me the wrong way.

I'd have liked to at least get a complementary copy of the issue or something.


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