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I just wanted to give you guys a warning about someone I did business with, and warn you all to exercise caution when accepting a commission from Scotty Panthertaur.

He approached me on IM in May to inquire about a commission, and on May 20, he sent an email with his description, thus we entered into the commission. On May 29th, I had a sketch for him to approve. He was satisfied, and I let him know that I would start coloring as soon as his payment came in. He got my address and said he would mail off a money order.

A week or so went by, and he IMed me to let me know that some 'stuff' came up and the payment was on hold. I waited, and when another week went by, I checked with him again. He said it would be sent 'the next week'.

On June 20th, I sent him an email inquiring after the money order, as nothing had arrived yet. He didn't reply via email but instead IMed me the next day, restating his reasons for the delay, but promising to send payment off 'ASAP'. A week went by with nothing.

On June 29th, I emailed him a final time, reminding him that payment had not yet been sent, and that it had been a month since he said he would send it.

On July 3rd, he emailed me to let me know he had finally gotten the money order, gave me the tracking number, and apologized for the delay. It arrived a few days ago, and his commission is now finished.

Scott is a really nice guy and open to artistic ideas, and he is a good customer despite his inability to pay up front. I don't think I'm the only one that's been kept waiting by this guy; People have mentioned hearing that others have had problems with him.

In conclusion, don't write this guy off entirely, but think about getting payment up front before starting on his artwork. Thanks!


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