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About my friend

 This isn't about commissions but it's mostly a question anyway.

My friend, we'll call her person A, had an art trade with someone on Gaiaonline, whom we'll call Person B.

 Well, Person B says they've been waiting for Person A's half the the trade since January. They've complained that they dropped comissions to finish their half for Person A.  Now, I can understand being annoyed waiting. I'm involved with an art trade myself, since Febuary, and haven't seen anything for it..Though in the person's defense, I haven't started my half either. I figure waiting is part of the fun of doing art trades and getting free art in general.

 Well, anyway, Person A complained to me a month or so ago that Person B send them a nasty reminder on Gaia. I didn't see the actual message, but Person A was very upset. She told Person B that the art trade would be finished in the summer, after finals, when she had more free time.
 Then, a few days ago, Person B gave Person A another reminder, this time on DeviantArt. This one I DID see, and it was rather nasty. She kept mentioning "At least a sketch would be nice, so it'd be ALMOST a fair trade" and Person A was upset. She told Person B again that she would finish it during the summer (Person A was still in school at this point).

 Well, since Person A is a good friend of mine, and it was annoying to hear someone treating her badly over art they're mostly getting for free, I told Person B, basically, that art trades are about waiting, and that Person A was busy, and said she'd get it finished. Person A thanked me because she couldn't say what I had said without sounding like, well, a bitch.

 Then Person B wrote back. They were angry that I had stepped in, seemingly having no idea what was going on, and basically told me I wouldn't know what art trades are about, maybe insulting my art skills. After that, I got a little snotty, but they were being rather awful themselves.

 Now, I wouldn't have stepped in, but Person B had even made journals, saying Person A was the reason why they won't ever do art trades again, and repeatedly saying they were being scammed (which got a lot of replies from her watchers, calling Person A terrible and such). Person A could've reported them, but they never mentioned her by name. Soo.

 The person decided to give up on getting their half of the art trade in the end, though.

 Now, my question is, is it all right for my friend to be waiting so long before giving in her half of an art trade? Person A tried her best to stay polite after being repeatedly bothered. I was polite with my first couple posts to Person B. Then I got sarcastic because they were being rude. Sure. But should they have acted the way they did over an art trade?
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