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Xanthe Equine

I really don't want to do this

I have been debating on rather or not to actually put this here, but my friend said that I should report this. In the following, I'm not saying you should not commission them, but I'm just upset. I understand the waiting period is different for every artist and I'm fine with that. But after all this I'm not really happy.

I have commissioned 2 people to do commissions for me. Together the money was like maybe $50.00 but still. 

The DA artist: http://kossmoe.deviantart.com/

the first one was on DA and that commission was over 3 months ago. I have part of my commission, but I'm still waiting on another one. After touching basis with the artist she tells me this and it is a quote from a note on DA: 
"That's a good thing too, I tend to forget if commissioners don't remind me (it doesn't help that some just stop replying to my notes :()

Anyways, I'll sketch up your drawing today and send it to you.
:) "

Alright fine. You have been reminded. That was on freakin April 16. I did get a link to the picture. But the freakin picture looks like CRAP. It does. But I'm tried of fighting so I just want the finished piece..... 2 months later and I still don't have it. Fine.

Then I get this note from the artist:
"I do work on your commission at random intervals
I hate college
I hate finals/final papers
I hate fulltime jobs XD
but also, so you know, I'm also working on a free picture of you and Eratu in digital color.
for being so paitent."

Do I have another choice other then being paitent? Not really. I don't know where this person is and if I did  most likely they are not Louisiana so therefore I can not go knock on their door and say, "May I please have my commissions now?" It is nice that this person is doing something free for us, but is it really free after having to wait all this time? So this gives me a slightly bad taste in my mouth about doing business over the 'net.

The FA artist: phobophiliac

So I blow that one off and ask another artist for a commission of two badges. I also asked thif this person could get them done before RCFM. I commissioned this person in early April. This gave them OVER a month to do the badges. That is cool right? NO! I didn't have my badges in time and I still don't have them. Things really looked up for a while with this person. Really they did. I had the lineart to approve before hand... OMG the lineart was great. Then i get a message asking me if I have gotten the badges in the mail yet. Umm, no.

So the artist ask that I give it one more week, fine... That is cool with me. Give it another week and still no badges..................... Can we see this sweet gentle palomino mare slightly turning into a pissed off raging bronco? 

So I note the artist back and let them know that I still don't have the badges. Alright then, here is the note that I got back from them:

"Hey, there. I'm gonna make you the same deal I've had to make a few other people. If the badges don't show up within a week or so, let me know, and I'll make you another set of copies and send them via an independent courier.

It's reasons like this that I keep the lineart and the coloured work on separate pieces of paper. <_<

Cool, I'll have badges....... Wait no I don't. After all of this happened I'm still badgeless from from artist. I'm upset now.

So this brings me to the part where the raging bronco that was once the loving mare is actting like a freakin bull in a china store. Yep I can hear the china falling to the floor and in its wonderful sound of breaking. Wonderful sound. 

So the real deal is this. I don't want to commission anymore artist over the net. This has happened and I just don't want it to happen again to me. So I have a strong feeling that I'll not be commissioning anyone that I don't see normally. In other words all you local furry artists, I'll more then likely be running to you and saying "Will you please do this for me... I have munnies."

And don't get me wrong. I have commissioned some rather AWESOME artists to do pictures for me. The last one I commissioned charged me $10 for a 6 charrie line art. Really it was onlt $7 but I felt bad to be getting a lineart with 6 charries in it for only $7 so I tacked on $3 extra which to me is still a bit cheap.

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