Black Mountain (blackmtnwolf) wrote in artists_beware,
Black Mountain

I opened this complaint about antideviantart in regards to his journal obviously being made for spamming (which is against the TOS). If you have anything to add to the complaint, feel free to.

(URL removed)

Update: Nothing could be done with this report because I had shared the URL to it. Until it's taken care of, they said, I wouldn't be allowed to share the URL with anyone if I wanted it taken care of by them.

So I had to open a new report with LJ Abuse. I included the additional links to spam that someone provided on that page. If you have anymore that you want included in the report, please let me know and I'll do it so that everything is included.

I am not reporting antideviantart because of putting 508 friends on his friends list within a matter of hours of being on LJ. I'm reporting him for spamming, which is against LJ's TOS. The only thing I can do is make LJ aware of it, and they'll make the decision about what will be done, even if they choose to do nothing.

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