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Custom Product Services

So everyone has heard of Cafepress, right? Well, I have put up items with my designs on them before, but never ordered anything or have anybody ordered any of my stuff, so I don't know how well their service works.

I did find Cafepress' base prices to be a bit high, so I looked around and found a service called Spreadshirt that has a lot more choices in clothing and other products that I'm more interested in and they were overall cheaper than Cafepress. I toyed with the product creation process, which was actually an imbed applet and it was pretty hard to put on an image at my desired DPI of 300 so I don't know how well a high resolution image would work and if the quality would be that great.

Anyway, I was curious... Has anyone used this service, and if so, how was the quality of work and the professionalism of the company?

If people have had bad experiences with this place, I'll probably just continue going with Cafepress. I just wanted to know before I wasted my time and money with them. :P

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