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Update on Rose Quoll

Updating on:

The Nameless fursuit maker is: Rose Quoll.

My mate and I sent a formal letter two monthes ago with the AUS. Embassy backing us the whole time. It was a letter stating what we want to happen so no court action will be used.

The response was as follows: ... NOTHING.

She has cut contact with us completely and made it clear she doesn't intend to refund or make the suit. She has been ripping off quite a few others ( as I've been told since the last post ). Though everyone is afraid to speak because she has, like she has done to me, threatened them to keep them quiet.

I am pretty sure there is no way I am going to get my $600.00 back at this point, but I would like people to spread the word that Rose Quoll is a con-artist in my book. If this makes other furs ( such as Rose Quoll supporters ) hate me and flame me, then so be it. I would rather get the message out there then see someone else suffer like I have.

Anyone who would like to add their own story about Rose Quoll below; feel free. It might convince others out there that this is a serious issue.

And sadly, I will have nothing for AnthroCon, like I had dreamed nearly a year and some monthes ago when I had first paid for this suit.

Thank you for all your support,
--Kiyoshi & Banzai Purrlop

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