Valhalla Hound (valhallahound) wrote in artists_beware,
Valhalla Hound

Update on Zippo

I just received a note over on FurAffinity from one of the admins to give me an update. It already looked like Zippo had been banned, not just because of what happened with me, but because there have been many complaints about her (I thought Zippo was a him, but the admin said he is actually a she).

So it turns out that Zippo started contacting the admins to harrass them about her ban, which wound up getting her banned status set to permanent.

So I'm not sure if it was an IP ban or just username, but from what I was told it doesn't look like Zippo should be able to cause any more trouble with any other artists, at least on FA.

Just wanted to give you guys an update. And please, no more arguments about my stances on what I will and won't draw. It's really not pertinent to the situation what my standards for drawing are. The point is that a threat of bodily harm was made, and due action was taken against the user who did such.

While I won't pretend that I was an angel in this situation, which I wasn't by any means AFTER Zippo flipped out on my journal and made threats, being "snarky" is in no way just as bad as threatening to physically harm someone, whether you mean it or not. Being "mean" doesn't exactly match up with breaking the law (it IS against the law to threaten someone with physical violence, even on the Internet).

So no more arguing about all that stuff, okay, guys? I think these are points that pretty much got driven into the ground in my last post. So those of us in disagreement over stuff, let's just agree to disagree and wash our hands of that whole mess.

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