Valhalla Hound (valhallahound) wrote in artists_beware,
Valhalla Hound

Zippo is INSANE

I've worked with a lot of people over on FurAffinity without any problems. The user Zippo seemed okay at first when he initially sent me a note wanting to commission me. I asked him to please send me an e-mail with a description of what he wanted as well as ref pictures if he had any.

So he does this, all is good and well, but it's against my personal policy to draw animal genitals, and I of course reserve the right to decline any commission if I feel uncomfortable with the subject matter. Well, this was exactly the case, on both counts. So, first, I asked if he'd be willing to make a compromise with the genitals in question he wanted me to draw. He took massive amounts of offense to this and made a very snotty reply saying that he definitely would NOT make any such compromise.

So okay, no commission for him, whatever. I didn't really mind.

Then, I had received a rather offending comment on one of my pictures which made me write about it in my journal. I named no names, didn't point anyone in anyone else's direction to encourage flame wars or anything of the like. This was TOTALLY UNRELATED to my dealings with Zippo. However, he thought it was all about him and responded by attacking me. You can see what happened in the following link.

Okay, so then I decide to just move on and I make another journal entry just about general commission stuff, I figure the bone has been buried, everything is well and fine. Boy howdy, I was wrong. Zippo sent me a message over YahooIM and the following conversation took place.

Zippo (6/4/2007 7:51:45 AM): you could have been a bit more kind about it >.<

Zippo (6/4/2007 7:52:13 AM): I dont call you a sicko for your tastes do I?

DroolingLupine (6/4/2007 5:53:35 PM): When the hell did I call you a sicko? That journal wasn't about you, you need to hurry up and get over it. You have a right to your own sexual preferences/fetishes, but I am not obligated to agree with them or to draw representations of them. I'm not going to discuss this any further with you. I was perfectly kind with you until you suddenly attacked me for no good fucking reason, so as far as I'm concerned you don't deserve any more kindness or courtesy from me. So fuck off, please.

Zippo (6/4/2007 8:46:37 PM): eh, you dont desurve my kindness. I literly opened myself up to you and you rejected everything I saught and stood for. Your ego-sidistic, overpriced, and I wish I haddent put all that wasted effort into my desc. you disgust me. If I had your address I would fuck up your back even more for being an asshole. So much for taking pitty on someone if thats what ill get in return. Computers are wonderful things, I can find you. I can find better talent elsewhere. go cry to the FA admins now and fuckoff

So I'm understandably pretty disturbed and upset, so I made another journal entry about all this. Not trying to drag out drama, but because, fuck...the guy just threatened me with BODILY HARM. I had to do something. The next link is that journal entry, along with crazy comments.

I already noted the admins and they said that while they totally sympathize, they can't do much in the way of banning him because he didn't say those things on FurAffinity, he said them using an IM service. So that kind of sucks, but I understand.

So, basically, I'm posting this to give everyone a heads up about Zippo. If he wants to commission you, make it crystal clear, as if you were speaking to a small child, what you are NOT willing to draw. Because if you let him type up a long description of what he wants, and it turns out to be something you aren't comfortable with, something like the above could happen to you.

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