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Deadbeat Commissioner

(cross-posted to my personal journal)

Do not work with Cody Sutherland, AKA orange_dingo, Castro Cody, RW_Cody or Cody_RW.

This individual has repeatedly and very rudely refused to pay for commissioned work.

(click for larger)

(click for larger)

Last August, I agreed to enhance one of his photos for $2.00 (USD) and retouch another photo for $5.00/hour. The photo took well over two hours to retouch, but I decided to charge only $10. As you can see, it was a very complicated retouching job. There was no shipping cost as both full quality files were sent to him via e-mail. Both photos were finished within two days of the commission being agreed upon and the full quality versions were sent via AIM file transfer.

He has repeatedly refused to pay for the work I've done. Last night I happened to see him on AIM, so IMed him again and asked him to pay for the commission. He refused to pay, blocked my account, and deleted his LJ.

On August 23 I posted the before and after photos and he expressed satisfaction with it. The post has been made friends only so he cannot go back and delete his comments, but if I add you to my friends list you may view the post and the comments, which demonstrate when the commission was finished and that he was satisfied with it.

Prior to the timely deletion of his LiveJournal, he had the nerve to use the retouched photo as his default LJ icon, though it was never paid for.

I don't give a damn that it's 'only 12 dollars'. Nobody deserves to get ripped off. Moreover, because he was a 'friend', I offered him a 'friend' rate below my usual rates and far below the industry standard for photo retouching. For him to recieve a huge discount yet refuse to pay is unabashedly bratty and immature. If I can't get my $12 back, I figure I can at least have a rant and warn everybody else about this kid.
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