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A PSA...

For all of you who happen to be among the 500 or so unwilling victims of being friended by the ever-informative antideviantart in his never-ending fight for spam, spam and 'posting wierd things in your journal so you'll be irrisistably tempted to go see them' (his words, not mine, just have a look at this post in deviantart, to see what I'm talking about), I'm going to post here a short description of how to expunge annoyances from your journal, in case you don't already know. Here we go:

if any of you want him to remove you from his/her friend list, go to

and type
ban_set antideviantart

He can have his opinion if he likes, baseless though his claims may be, I can accept that. But having a personal gripe with an art site and then bringing it to everyone's front door (i.e. SPAM) whether they like it or not is just plain wrong. He may have his opinion, and others may rightfully have the information needed to un-freind him if they so desire.

That is all.
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