teh aplacolups beastie colleen (kuwaizair) wrote in artists_beware,
teh aplacolups beastie colleen

the art or the artist

so I don't mess up anyone else's posts I will come with an inquandry.

I am asking you, the artists beware community this.

even if someone is a good business person, good artist, is it good/ok/right/best to aviod someone or tell others to hate them and their work over their persnality.

take an instance of me and fighting. people don't like my work and myself because I fight, or I tell disney-knock off artists they ""aren't artists"" (aka like a good art school is going to look at your portfolio with awe and amazement when its full of your purple lioness fursona hugging your favorite pokemon)

thus those who've I've "hurt so much" now say I am a sucky artist, with that now I wonder if its the person many like, or buy.

You never like the work without the person and you never hate the work if you love the person. You'd never tell your "soul sibling" that their stuff is bad, if an anime artist and their work looks like the stuff in "Shin Chan", as opposed to wonderfully shaded and thought out mega anime works. You don't do that.

so here I am wondering how you'd take it, if someone were to want to deal with, on a busness sence or when it comes to a theme of "so and so is an art theif you'd be stupid to praise them, all they do is filter copyrighted photos", would you all support "don't like/comission so and so, they are icky poopoo meanie heads lets run them off the intertnets!"

this is artists beware, should you tell others to be warey over somthing like this and support the ideas of "so and so is mean hate them and tell everyone their art sucks lulzz"

ah well, we'll see.

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