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Because I'm apparently "one-sided".

Just a small update on my last post, regarding yuchiangel aka ringtailocelot (for half a day).

I never said "don't trust this person ever and never do art trades or anything with them". I simply called them out on their lies and pointed to evidence of the lies, for other artists to decide whether or not to trust her in the future. That's what this community is for, isn't it? Heck, she's probably fine at art trades, but I wouldn't know from experience, it's just a guess.

I cannot control the actions of everyone else in the community. I did not force others down at their keyboards to make fun of her art, her character design, or anything else about her. In fact, I've been out of state at my boyfriend's house ignoring the internet for the most part since I made the post here, so I barely was able to join in anyway.

As an update, she HAS apologized within that post, and in the con_badges post (though deleted a comment), a few times, even if her stories and excuse-making does change. That counts for something. I meant no hard feelings by my post, and I still don't, but a lie is a damn lie and fellow artists deserve to know.
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