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Dave vs. Goliath update

In the previous episode Todd Goldman was caught with his hand in Dave Kelly's cookiejar and exposed for the con-artist he is to which he first called Dave a furry pedo, then had a lawyer write up an apology which basically boils down to the well-known "A friend gave me the image, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to trace it! Tracing it makes it mine! I didn't steal anything!" we hear all the time from 13 year old girls on Deviant Art.

Now he's threatening to sue Mike Tyndall for putting up a site with comparisons between older original art from various established artists and Goldman's more recent so-called "sarcastic commentary and cartoon icons".
The site suggests that pretty much everything he's ever made is a rip-off including his flagship "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" image.

Oh Goldman, even Rien Poortvliet, how could you? A shiv to the kidneys in a dark alley is too good for you ^_~

Tyndall's site is currently being Slashdotted, so if it's down you should try again later.


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