la_gentile_chat (thegentilcat) wrote in artists_beware,

Warning to Artist - Art Theft site.

I hope this is alright to post here - if not, I humbly apologize in advance.

WARNING! Site contains adult images - please do not click the link if you're under the legal age of consent to view such content.

I had been directed to this site when someone informed me some of my artwork was being redistributed there (I'm the sort who has no problem with people posting my artwork elsewhere online - so long as consent was sought for first - in which in this case, it hadn't been).

I found some of my own pieces there (some furry, some fanarts), but recognized a number of other (furry) artists as well (such as Max Black Rabbit, Terry Smith, Malachi, to name a few).

Now, I'm not sure if they had given consent to have their artwork posted on the site, but contacted a few of them to be safe. Though I recognize other artists there, I have no idea how to contact them.

If anyone recognizes some of these other artists, please drop them a line and inform them of the site to play it safe. I'm not sure how the other artists feel abut their work being redistributed, but speaking for myself, I'm not a fan of having my works reposted (especially when the pieces have a disclaimer on them stating as such).
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