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a stupid question about legitmate things

I am asking if this community has a 'sister community' where artists can ensure weird emails they get are from legtimate sources.

once myself and some others got emails for some fantasy website or magazeen saying they would like our art in it. This is the purpose of this topic, for seeing if some of these things are real and honest and not having any malintent.

I just got an email from omma@omma.us, with the topic message being "Include your art in the Art Book "International Contemporary Masters 200", so is this some kind of con or some thing safe? here is some copypasted content. Is this just an advertising?

"a global art book edited and published by Omma Center of Contemporary Art. www.omma.us

Artists should apply by sending at least 5 JPG images by email or their website address.
If the artist is selected, will be notified within 5 working days.
Place and availability in the book are subject to quality. All submissions are subject to acceptance."

the selection

Submit free for selection. Our art committee will review all submissions and make decisions on acceptance.

After notification of acceptance an inclusion fee is required.


The participation fee in $ USD might change according to daily rates. Please visit http://www.xe.com/ucc/ to convert currency

The page of each artist will contain the image of an artwork, a short biography, the website URL and contact information of the artist.

A. For one page 350.00 Euros or US $ 467.00

B. For two pages the cost is 550.00 Euros or $ 735.00 USD.

C. For four pages the cost is 900 Euros or $ 1,200.00 USD

D. For five pages 1,100 Euros or $1,470.00 USD

The artists will receive one free copy of the catalogue."

If they want to buy extra catalogues, they will get a 20% discount, unless
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