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Questions on the unwritten rules.

'Ello all!

I have been watching the horror stories unfold here as of late and have been truly shuddering at the stuff folks have been dealing with so I've deciding to ask some questions to help give me a clue by four right on top my head. If their is a web site that answers all or some of these things please hit me with it!

I'm a doodler artist that's taken it upon himself to offer and make some logos for a couple of friends. So far I haven't had any troubles with the folks I'm doing these works for but after reading some of the history here I got to wondering some things...

As of yet I haven't ever asked for or accepted any payment at all for my work, but I do believe that 'freebies' and gift art should be treated just as seriously as paid commissioned art. I guess I'm of the mind set that 'I said I'll do it', and it doesn't matter if some one is paying me to do something else (which I said I would also do) First come first serve, in order and by my word. Is this a wrong way of thinking, or just me being naive?

Again, partially because I'm new at this, and partially because I don't want anyone feel they need to post here about me.. I would like to know if there is any kind of general guidelines for both artists and for clients.

Right now I've been posting updates to my LJ and pointing my 'clients' to it over IM or e-mail (whatever works for the client) I feel this is important, even thou it is a freebie. I want to let folks know I'm working on the work I said I would do and let others know and see what I can do. I update the client and the LJ for at least each time per day I spend on their art. Is this too much for freebies.. and how about paid commissions?

What sort of time frame do most clients expect for artwork to be completed? I feel kinda bad cause I'm learning as I go with 3D and some projects take much more than a month. (I also work full time.)

What about personal projects? I've heard some folks complain that this artist is working on such and such for his/her friends and so on while their commission remains incomplete. I know this happens to artists, or at least me, as I get inspired with an idea and I have to put it to use. I do feel that this should be understood, but their is a point. What's a fair point?

I know that this is a lot of questions and I know the answers are subjective, but I'm looking for opinions from both clients and artists so I can make up some form of rule book in my head to follow both for now and if I ever decide to open myself for paid commissions.

Thanks to everyone ahead of time for your input!

'May all our good wishes and fine dreams come true.' - Adapted from Mike Jittlov
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Apr. 20th, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
I do think that "I said I'd do it" has some binding power, but I also think that free art always takes the back burner when I have commissions, a job, school responsibilities, etc.

There are no written guidelines that I'm aware of. I think common sense covers most things fairly well.

As far as time frame goes - a reasonable time frame is one that artist and client both agree on. I've done projects I finished 24 hours after getting paid, I've been nearly two years making others. I didn't consider either case to be unreasonable, because the time frames were agreed on by both parties.

As far as personal projects - yes sometimes inspiration strikes. And taking time from commissions to work on personal stuff is fine, if you're on schedule. If you told somebody you'd have it done in February, and it's April, and you're still working on personal stuff and not their stuff, that's totally inappropriate. Any free time you have for art should be spent on a commissioned project that's due or overdue. Even if you hate the project and can't stand to work on it, you need to put at least some work in whenever you're free to, otherwise it will just never get done, and your customer is going to be very unhappy.

There's my two cent's worth.
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