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Edited and reposted artwork from Aimee and Goldenwolf amongst others.

Someone is taking art that she knows isn't hers, then editing them and reposting them on her page. When confronted she whines that she doesn't know who the original artists are because she gets her art off a forum and she has a 2 year old daughter so she's too busy to stick to the law.

A trainwreck.

I have noticed that you are re-distributing a good deal of artwork from various artists such as Goldenwolf, Caribou and Vargas as well as artwork from several syndicated comics.
I would advise you to either stop redistributing and altering the artwork as I can assure you the majority of the artists will take offense or contact them individually and ask for permission.
It's ironic that you ask people not to take artwork from your site or at least refer them to the source, which indicates you too would be offended and possibly hurt if people took and altered that which you worked hard on. Please be considerate of the artist' feelings and aware of possible legal trouble and take appropriate action.

- With regards, Thaily

I see that my site has been passed around some circle, as this is the 3rd email I've received.

Before sending an email, have you actually looked at EVERY page of my site??

There are several artists I give credit to and provide credit information to those artists. I do this because I know about the artists and make every effort to contact them and request their permission. I also have several images that I could no longer post, because AFTER I received their permission, other's decided to abuse the artists wishes, forcing the artists to request that every site remove their images.

If you knew me, you'd know that I do NOT wish to offend other artists, however, the sources of my graphics are in a public domain with rules as to sharing copyright material. These forums are strictly monitored, therefore, I assumed the images were ok to use. I have thousands upon thousands of graphics and a 2 year old daughter. That limits my time to research EACH item.

The artists that are not credited are those that I'm not aware of. I have a page on my site that lists this information and asks people to send me contact information of said artists so that I CAN get their permission. It does not ask people to send me unwarranted accusatory emails of theft or immoral actions.

I do not make money on these items. I did this as a hobby, nothing more.

I'd appreciate any contact information you can provide on these artists so that I can contact them and request their permission.


I did look at all the images that you edited yourself which contained artwork not created by you. Please realize that when you find artwork on-line, each picture was made by an artist and as long as you didn't get it from a personal page of theirs where they personally stated that they're okay for public use, you do not have permission to use them.

Forums are not a reliable place to get images to edit as the images are nameless or made nameless by the people who post them and no-one can give permission to use an image save for the original artist or a company that owns the copyright. Any rules imposed by the members of a forum that re-distribute artwork (which is also undesirable in some cases) are of no practical importance as they themselves are already breaking copyright laws by editing the images, and anyone who edits the image after that is still guilty of copyright enfringement.

I don't assume you wish to offend anyone, I never did, I just wasn't aware of how artists could feel when others alter and re-post the art they worked so hard on. Even if you're not making money off it, you could still be negatively affecting the artist's income. You sound like a reasonable and intelligent person, please don't think I'm trying to be mean, I'm just warning you that those three e-mails are only the start of a lot of possibly mean e-mails and possibly legal trouble as well.
I think it may be better if you take down all the images that contain artwork you don't have permission for and each time you get permission for one, put it up including the original artist's name and state clearly on the index that you have requested permission from those artists. It'll save you a lot of time and effort.

There's more information on copyright here:

This is the person who drew the snowleopard:
And the person who drew the celtic unicorn:
Vargas is impossible to contact, his interests are minded by a company and you'll most certainly get into legal trouble with them. This is where a lot of the art of sexy women comes from;

- Thaily
I've decided to no longer answer emails from people in regards to what I
should or shouldn't do with my site. Not to be mean, but I've got way too
much going on in my life to deal with this drama.

Thanks for your concern.

If you ask me, it's unlikely that she'll take down anything on her own accord even though she knows that what she's doing is wrong.
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