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Impatient commissioners, and... more?

Back in January I was commissioned by an individual for some livejournal icons, for the amount of $8. When the commissioner sent the money, they knew full well that I have a severe genetic disability that keeps me from drawing much in certain conditions (cold, wet, etc). I had been holding off on doing any of my digital commissions until it had warmed up some so that I could provide the highest quality work, instead of something done with half-effort. Every commissioner I have ever had has understood completely and been more than glad to wait for their work, except for this one specific person.

Now, about a month ago, I had a severe problem with my computer and had to re-install my OS. This caused me to lose the drivers for all my installed hardware, as well as all of my software. I've managed to replace everything except the driver to my PCI serial card. I have posted several times in my livejournal about this, and the commissioner has even replied to the entry saying he was fine with waiting and for me to take my time, that he understood computer trouble.

Then, only five days later, I find this waiting for me when I get up:

(8:21:49 AM) Ridayah: Banrai, I see you've got your away STILL up, but I'm going to IM you here.
(8:21:49 AM) Banrai: (away) I'm not here right now, so cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it.
(8:22:18 AM) Ridayah: I don't know what's going on, and at this point I'm just kinda running out of patience.
(8:22:40 AM) Ridayah: If you can't finish the icons by Friday, could you please refund the money? Thanks.

Ok, so you're impatient. Great. So I have refunded this fellow's money, but needless to say I would not recommend doing business with him. Not only for his obvious impatience even when he knew beforehand that the commission could take quite a while. But, more specifically, this individual seems to have a problem with keeping a relationship business oriented. What am I talking about?

On several occasions this commissioner tried to get promiscuous with me, even after knowing I was married. And even after telling me he has a girlfriend. For a small example;

(4:58:56 AM) Ridayah: *giggles, wriggling free and giving you a big tight hug, giving sloppy kisses on your cheek* She's back, yay! ^__^
(5:01:06 AM) Ridayah: Banrai hun? *noses at your cheek, wondering if you got called away from the screen or if you're in pain or hurt*
(5:01:17 AM) Banrai: Sorry, got distracted by a cat ;D
(5:01:28 AM) Ridayah: ah, okay. Kitties are good excuse. ^^
(5:01:43 AM) Banrai: *gives you three*
(5:01:45 AM) Ridayah: *giggles, giving another sloppy kiss then rubbing his nose in your fur, taking big whiffs of your scent, purring* You're nice.
(5:01:52 AM) Ridayah: Eeeee! *cuddles them all* ^^
(5:02:06 AM) Ridayah: kittties! *puts one on his head, one between his wings, and one on his rump*
(5:02:13 AM) Banrai: Am not! Just happy with kitties and good friends. ;0
(5:02:54 AM) Ridayah: You are nice, at least I think so. *purrips, nudging his way under your wing and snuggling against your side, nibbling your fur gently and comfortingly, his tail swaying softly*
(5:03:47 AM) Banrai: bah.
(5:04:29 AM) Ridayah: mwar! You're pretty, and you're nice, and you're pretty nice too. ^^ *purrs deeply, rising up a bit and using a paw to rub under a wing gently*

Just.... ugh. Disgusting, sorry I don't want to be textrubated today.

So if you have any dealings with ridayah, beware what you might be getting into.

And, just as a note, comments on this entry WERE screened. I felt I should come say this since it is apparent that several of this person's supporters are having fits over it. I prefer to reply to comments before another has a chance, and before I get a chance to have a reply there's a million replies to one comment. Since such an uproar has been caused by that, comments are open.

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