RunCoyoteRun (runcoyoterun) wrote in artists_beware,

expirience makes all the difference

i was reading a mass backlog of things in this community and some of the stuff people here have gone through is appauling. ( as well as my spelling, lol ). ive been hesitant to post here only because i thought MY first commission practices were bad. at least i think im not so terrible anymore.

a little over a year ago, i took three commissions off furbid. near the end of the year, around December. i planned to finish them up over holiday break from college since we got a few weeks off it would be nice and relaxing and a change of pace to do someone elses characters. little did i know AOL purged ALL my emails from the time and i lost everyone contact information. since no money was exhanged i eventually stopped fretting and let it go. one commissoner did manage to get in touch with me and get his image ( as well as giving me payment for the image ) and i was happy. to the other two whose images were never completed, and in my traveling one was even lost. i just wanted to say how sorry i am and how unprofessional i was back then.

now, fastfowarding to current times ive changed my commission practices GREATLY. i have a few tips that might help other artists struggling to keep things organized and in check.

- write all contact information on 3x5 cards that you store in a little box. that way when your emails get deleted // purged,
- get an email account that is just for your commission info
- dont be afraid to give your commissioners updates on their work even if you havent really done anything more on it at that point. they'd LOVE to hear SOMETHING rahter than NOTHING and think they're getting jipped.
- dont be afraid to be honest, but never guilt trip the people paying you.
- if your commissioner takes some time getting back to you, just refoward the email. sometimes they dont tell you when they're going on vacation or shit just happens.
- only take commissions when you have time to complete them. believe me when i say i know that shit really can JUST HAPPEN to some people. (its happened to me) but just talk to them and let them know you've been pushed back in your workload and that their stuff will get done.

i hope that helps some people, assuming you guys arent already doing something like that. one of the old commissioners from the "beginning" is actually recommissioning me currently. and he seems to enjoy the work im producing for him which makes me happy.

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