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Need some advice on handling a situation with an artist...

I'm going to avoid using the artist's name for now, as I don't intend this to be a public call-out.  But I'm getting less and less patient, and I need some advice from people who've been here.

At FurFright (last October) I commissioned (and paid for) a pair of badges from an artist -- one for myself, and one for my mate.  She unfortunately took on a little more work than she could complete during the con (it happens, and I totally understand), but she did at least have the sketchwork done.  The mate and I approved of what had been done so far, so we traded contact info with the artist and traveled back home.

The timeline inbetween then and now, in a nutshell, looks like this:
  • December 4th -- Artist finally gives me an update.  Says they have been "extremely busy" and apologizes for the delay, adding the badges shoud be "done soon, within the next week or so."  I thank them, and confirm the address to ship the badges to.
  • January 2nd -- I write to the artist saying my mate would like his money back, but I still hope to get my badge.  After a short discussion, my mate agrees that he's willing to wait another two weeks.  The artist says "Two weeks will not be a problem" and asks me to send her our character descriptions again, as she cannot find them.
  • January 18th -- The artist scans in the completed badges and posts the picture.  They look great.  I confirm our address again.
  • January 30th -- No word from the artist, and no badges yet.  I send another email, and get a reply saying "I will likely be sending them out tomorrow via priority mail, so you should have them by the end of the week, if not sooner."
  • February 11th -- Still no badges.  I send another email asking for an update.
  • February 20th -- Still no badges, and no reply to my last email.  I send another.  If you're wondering, yes, I was polite about it. "I haven't seen them yet, so I wanted to check in with you and make sure everything's OK.  I hope they didn't get lost in the mail."
  • February 26th -- Still no badges.  Still no reply.  I send one more email, and CC two other addresses the artist gave me.
So here we are, March 1st -- about four and a half months later.  Still no badges.  Still no reply.  I believe the artist to be ignoring my emails.  I know they're around -- their Livejournal has been updated four times since February 11th.

What do I do now?

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