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Google sidebar

Ideally an artist should never lose their customers' contact and commission information, but in reality they sometimes do. In the hopes of helping others prevent this from happening, my solution; Google sidebar

Thumbnail incoming - Click for bigger image.

I added Babelfish and a Dutch dictionary at the top, then there's a default notepad you can use for example to store addresses, character descriptions and so on, mine are still in my e-mails because I'm a bad, bad girl but I'll go put them there in a minute.
The advantage it has over keeping it in my in-box is that it's always accesible and can't dissapear if my provider fucks up. Plus I'm terrible at organizing e-mail folders and this way they can't get buried.
Next is a slideshow of any folder you specify. Then my favorite bit, a to-do/check list where I write in all my projects; commissions, collaborations, personal projects etc. You can move them around to sort them by priority if you like, and when you finish a project you can check the box to gray it out and move it to the bottom of the list.
Then there's the default weather bit.
The program works fine with me, though it fucks with my typing when I'm playing Everquest2, but I've not had any problems with it yet. No crashing or anything.
There's a ton of features for it and they're easy to add and remove.
I'm sure it doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me, so here's my suggestion to help you keep track and atop of your work. Google sidebar.

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