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Would like to know why my message about noblewolf is being rejected? That's pretty much it. I think other people should be warned as most people that get his suits don't fit and either need to be sent back to him (which wastes time) or to have someone else fix it (which in his little mind violates his toc)

So i'd like to know why? If you want to see a full account of what happened.. well here you go.

I gave Noblewolf a laptop (ibook) and a ipod (2gb nano) in exchange for two suits. When my mate got his suit.. neither the head or the body suit fit. I got my suit a few weeks later and the same dilema came up. I took both suits to blackfire seeing as we were at Further Confusion and we would like to wear them.. at this con?

He fixed them and I guess that pissed noblewolf off as no one likes to be told that their work is not perfect.

Now a small hole has developed in the underlayer of the suit.. and you know what? I'll pay for someone else to fix that too.. I don't care. I approached him first basically asking if anything would be done and he said that the suit was past 1 year old.

Um.. other fursuit builders.. like blackfire.. give a 1 year warranty with the unit. What.. your warranty is a few months and after that i'm screwed?

Fine. Go ahead. But the thing that makes me the angriest about this.. is that he bascially implied I have had fursuit sex in this suit.

I have said it before and i'll say it again. My suit is not built for that. period. And if he wants to go ahead and market suits for that.. more power to him. I have worn my suit 3 occassions, FC2006, halloween last year and FC2007. To have ANY type of damage in the suit with non strenous activity implies one thing.

Shoddy workmanship.

That's all i have to say about this matter.. other than there are other fursuit builders out there that'll stand by their work. I am sorry to say that noble is not one of them

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Jan. 26th, 2007 11:24 pm (UTC)
(Note: I'm not into the furry community at all, but I am basing my comments on experience with costuming in general)

What time frame is this? I don't see any dates and the fact Noblewolf said the suit was a year old, makes me wonder: Was the suit over a year old? Why did you wait so long, if you did?

If a hole "Developed" in the suit over time, then that's noones fault but your own, and this doesn't sound like it happened right away either, but gradually over time. Crafters and Suiters (I know NOTHING about this, honestly) should not be expected to fix every little stitch that pops, or issue after their "Warranty" is up.

He implied you had sex in your suit. So what? That really has no relevance to what this is about. That's a personal thing that you have to deal with.

Other fursuiters don't matter here, comparing one to the other makes this seem way bogus. It's not like they price match =p.

Even if it was "just 3 cons", that actually can damage a suit or costume really quickly. Heck ONE con can put wear and tear on a suit. And the dates of the times you wore them, leads me to believe you let far too much time pass before complaining about it.

This reeks of miscommunication.


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