SUPOCHI (supochi) wrote in artists_beware,

Something I came across.

I was ego-googling and found this blog which seem to be a place where a few russian fans of wolf and canine art are posting pictures they've found on the intarspace. I found a few of my pictures there and, among others, artwork from Goldenwolf, Dark Natasha, Thefelinecanine, spiritwolf Timothy Albee, and huskiexxx. Not to mention the blog's background which is a graphic from Kyoths website. ;P

For me and my pictures I'll let it slip since the poster was nice enough to include my name, but there's alot of other pictures there that have been uploaded without any credit or link (or permission to begin with I suppose) to the artist, which I find a bit... rude.

You have the link. Do whatever you want.
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