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Posting about... me! :(

I just wanted to officially state that yes, I HAVE been slacking lately a bit on a few conbadges I offered people. I offered a ton, and accepted a couple but have STILL only completed one and a half due to a ton of Reality Things getting in the way (like, we moved house JUST before Christmas, having had it on sale for only a DAY - I didn't expect things to move so fast!) and then of course Christmas, decorating, moving, New Years.. gah.

So. If I confirmed I'd DO your conbadge, it WILL get done and very soon at that! Now the holidays are over, AND we've basically settled in here, I've nothing stopping me. If I never DID get back to you, I'm REALLY sorry but I'd best not do any more until I complete my little backlog here, but I'm honestly thankful for any and everyone who was interested! That means a lot to me.

So. Sorry guys, so so sorry. Things will be fixed this week I hope!
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