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Two part post here, and a hello, because I've just joined the community after watching and learning from it for ages.

Ok. First off, Inspired by an earlier post in this community, I've written a TOS, which will affect everyone who is commissioning and ever will be commissioning me. Just thought I'd share it and see if anyone here could add anything to it or give me a tip or two.

Secondly... A note to all people out there that have open commissions with me - I have major health, hormonal and psychological problems right now that prevent me from doing pretty much anything other than sitting at the computer like a heavily drugged vegetable. I'm doing the odd bit of work when I can, but it's very slow going as I'm weak as a half-dead kitten - having trouble even holding up a pair of scissors.

For details of what's actually wrong, read this post:

In practical terms this means delays. In short, I can't work as hard on your suits right now as I'd really like to (if at all), so remember that whilst I'm trying, you may not receive your work as soon as I'd quoted. This goes for all commissions, even smaller pieces right now.
For people who have been waiting longest, you are priority, as always.

Just posting this here because I haven't been able to contact all my commissioners personally, mainly because in my dumbened state I'm having a hard time trying to read through reams of emails looking for an address. The screen goes fuzzy and it gives me migraines o..0

Also, to prevent further stress, I'm not taking any more commissions bigger than a single head until April. Or at least, I'm not going to be able to start on any new commissions until April. So keep that in mind if you're thinking of commissioning me for anything.

Thanks a bunch guys, gotta keep you all posted.

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