Silent Ravyn (foxwolf) wrote in artists_beware,
Silent Ravyn

Customers posting your art on FurAffinity

Hey, just wondering if anyones had problems with their commissioners taking art that you drew or otherwise created and posted it on their fur affinity account. I have one customer whom I've done character sheets, a badge, an icon and most largely a fursuit for, all of which ended up on his fur affinity. I've asked him to at least give me credit in the comment area, which he did for less than half of them. However, it doesnt seem like anyone is reading that and he is getting 90% of the credit for the work, and has 30 people watching 'his' artwork when nothing that he has created himself is in the gallery, every last piece is mine. Just wondering what to do about this, I really dont want to tell him off for it or report him or anything, but I worked very very hard on everything there and I want credit for it.

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