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Hi, this is my first post. I'm a long time lurker though. ^_^; I'm posting this for a friend who doesn't use LJ.
Anyway, to the point...

A friend of mine (I'll be keeping out his name. We'll just call him Fox) recently requested a comission from a girl online. She accepted Fox's request and asked that he send the money before she started. (Alright, that's normal. I'd do that too)

So, she gets the money and then shortly afterward, she backs out of the comission and claims she can't get Fox's money back to him for a refund. She has all kinds of excuses for keeping the money and not being able to return it. Fox didn't even have a set time frame for this girl. (she later asks for his address to mail the money back, but neither of us are confident in her actually returning the money)

Fox sent me the conversation and it seems really shady. (Under a LJ cut for length)

starvixsf: ok IM here. Look, this is not a cheat, so dont make it sound like such. I am having RL problems, and cant complete the work. I did NOT anticipate for this to happen, and I did apologise

starvixsf: I will send you the full refund with a MO since its sitting in my bank account. I will add 2 dollars of my own because of what paypal took from me with the transfer. I can get it out to you tomorrow with no problem

Fox says:
: .. its not that... I never really gave you a deadline.. And the way it read to me.. Your more worried fee's...

Fox says:
Look if your worried about the 2 dollers.. just keep your money use mine to send what's left back and forget it...

starvixsf: I am also moving in janurary. I will not have the net for months after I move, so I would have no way to even be in contact if we do, in fact, move house. Paypal took 2 dollars from me as fees with the transfer..they always take fees and it sucks. It wouldnt be a bother if I had the money, but I dont. I havent worked in 3 years despite trying to get work constantly. I would have to borr
borrow money just to get the 2 bucks back =/ I didnt anticipate for this stuff to happen in RL. I can either refund you the full 47, finish the badge and send it with a refund for 30 for the other pic with it, or can try after the new year to finish and send both. Its whatever you want to do

starvixsf: *sighs* Just know I am not doing this on purpose. I could have just kept e mailing...I dont know of any other artist that will jump on a messanger to talk the problem over. My messanger is mainly for close friends and family. I dont even feel comofrtable talking right now, and prefer to keep this to e mail

Fox says:
... then just forget the badge use my money to send my own refund and forget it... I understand RL comes first... But quit trying to give me a gilt trip...

starvixsf: I can send you a refund tomorrow if you send me your address..or I can try again after things settle down here. Please let me know, as I need to go offline right now. Refund might be better...once I move I wont have the net till who knows when, and the silence would be really unfair..Im hardley trying to guilt trip you. I plan on sending you the full 47 so chill

starvixsf: Send me your address and I will get it out tomorrow if I can get a ride to the post office
Fox says:
* * * * * *
starvixsf: whom am I addressing it to?

Fox says: Care of * * * * * *

starvixsf: It will go out tomorrow then, and sorry for the inconvienance. It should be to you by the end of the month if the PO is fast with it.

starvixsf has signed out. (12/5/2006 8:08 PM)

She usually only contacts her clients through email ( and her IM name is starvixsf

Argh! If you're moving and can't handle a comission DON'T ACCEPT IT. Idiots. Has anyone else done comissions with this girl?

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