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Erk, I hope this is a valid post. If not, can someone let me know where I can post it?

Is it considered bad to sell your character. I mean like if I make a fursuit for a character of mine and throw in all art I've gotten of said character, like badges or icons or whatever for free. Would that be considered bad? I'm not going to sell the art of the character, I don't think I'd even post the art in the auction so people wouldn't get that impression. I'd make note that they'd recieve anything I had gotten of them, but that's it. I just don't want my character anymore, and selling a suit of them would seem weird to me unless I added everything I had got of them. Kinda like someone taking over my character. I don't know if this would classify as copyright infringement or "redestibuting other's art'.

Thanks so much. ^^
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Dec. 5th, 2006 12:16 am (UTC)
The character: As long as it's a 100% your own creation you can do with it whatever you want.

Commissions: If you have original art or prints then you can sell those as well as they are your property. You just can't edit them or copy them.

Gifts, trades and requests: If you have art that you received for "free" (without monetary compensation) then they are technically still your property to with as you wish, but you might piss people off.

Mind, this is all unless the artists which have made the art had deviating terms of service.
Dec. 5th, 2006 12:53 am (UTC)
I don't see any problem with selling your character.

Don't know if you'll get any buyers, a lot of furs prefer to come up with their own, but it sounds fine to me.
Dec. 5th, 2006 02:37 am (UTC)
No, I don't think so at all. Though the value may be moreso if your character is entirely unique (although not blatantly so) <3
Dec. 5th, 2006 02:53 am (UTC)
i don't see anything wrong with it, but as far as the art goes:
if you have commissions or trades you may want to remember if there were terms you would not resell the images (i've had to set those terms before)

and, on a less legal and more courteous note, if i had done giftart for someone in particular as a gesture to that person (and not just art because i liked the character) i'd be really really hurt to find out said gift got sold off to a complete stranger
Dec. 5th, 2006 05:26 am (UTC)
I'd email the artists who drew your commisions/giftart and make them aware of what you are doing. I know there's alot of artist out there that would be really hurt to know that thier stuff isnt wanted anymore, and they might want the pieces back.
Dec. 5th, 2006 09:05 am (UTC)
There is a slight risk that whoever buys the character will pose as you and cause problems that would get back to you.

I once had someone appropriate a character on a MUD that I stopped using, who ripped off several people who wanted drawings done. It's less likely in your case, but it IS possible.
Dec. 5th, 2006 09:15 am (UTC)
Yeah, I had someone impersonate me on DA and try to initiate art trades with people.
Dec. 5th, 2006 04:03 pm (UTC)
uh yeah, if there is no legal contract signed between you two, there is nothing official. Sure you can sell the character all you want, this doesn't prohibit you at all from still using or drawing said character all you want afterwards, regardless of what others may say and regardless of whatever shallow social standards you think you must follow.
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