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A friend mentioned I should post my story here.

 LJ Cut for Sanity of Friends List Reasons.

Ok a little back story. This is the accounts of my personal dealings with the artist BusyCat (Rebecca)

Back During RCFM06 in May I commisioned an artwork piece of my dragon character from BushyCat in the dealers room, She advised to me that she could not complete it by the end of the con and we agreed upon delivering the finished Art during MFM06 in September. I was fine with that as it would give her roughly 4 months to complete. It was to be a Simple One Charcter Full Page Color with No Background. I got her card and would email her the details of the commision since I did not have a sample copy to give her.

After RCFM I emailed her on 06/01/2006 I included a description and a reference picture of my dragon My Email below

Hey BushyCat this is Khir Moonclaw, i got a commision from ya at RCFM and was just emailing you what I would like and a couple sample pics.
The art was one charcater / color / No background.
Its a Dragon Character with Wings Denim Blue in color / black tummy and black inner wings,
Yellowish/Orange eyes.
For the pose I would like a tough guy kinda pose with his arms crossed and a big grin on his face, basically standing there saying bring it on!
Ive included a version of the dragon that another artist drew so you can sorta get an idea.
Thanks again and let me know if you need anything else!!! Thanks

After some time I did not receive any response from her so I re-forwarded the email back to her. I did not hear a response until Mid Summer that statted she had been out of town at a lot of various cons as well as my email had landed in her spam box and that she would have it for MFM for me. At that time there was no other emails sent.

Fast Forward to MFM I met up with her to pick up the art and It was not completed. She had asked if I already had paid, She had no recollection of me purchasing a commission from her. So She wrote the info down again at MFM and I told her that I would send her another email with the details so she could finish the artwork and mail it to me.

After MFM I emailed her on 09/09/2006 to remind her.

Hey BushyCat
Khir Moonclaw here, I commisoned you back during RCFM for some art and also talked with you briefly at MFM, I was supposed to pick up the art at MFM but it wasnt ready. You told me to email you to remind you.
It was a solo piece of my charcter / Full page color, If I remember right I think I paid around $35-40 for it.
Just let me know, Ive included a copy of the reciept and an image of my charcter  (blue winged dragon / black hair / gotee)

I recieved no response to this email as well. I Re-forwarded this email on 09/18  09/29  10/25  11/1  11/5. Using the same email but I used Different Email address to send this to her because I remember her saying My Orignal mail was going to her Spam box. I also sent an email from my work address incase my personal ones were being blocked I do not remember the date off hand of those since im not at work to look.

After My Last Email to her 11/5 I recieved this response on 11/10

This piece will be finished after MFF.

I would explain to you again why *all* commisionwork this summer was delayed - not *just* yours -   But it's pointless for me to keep saying it.

Sending 4, 5, 8 whatever emails in a row and badgering an artist will not encourage that artist to "hurry up". It only causes further delay and irritation. Give me a few weeks of peace, and you will have your artwork. This month, I have had 3 conventions out of town. It is a very full schedule.

Please stop hassling me, and permit me to get on with my work. Just so you know....  Folks who badger me for art end up waiting behind those that are patient and polite. If you can refrain from bothering me for the next 28 days, you will recieve your artwork within that time.

Believe me, I want this commission out of my hair. It *will* be completed and delivered to you. When it is ready to ship, I will email and confirm your current shipping adress so it goes to the right place.

Please do not reply to this email.


Needless to say I was very shocked by this email.. A person that I paid to do work for telling me one that im pestering or badgering them with a few emails as well as openly telling me people who pester her gets there work pushed out. Not only is that unprofessional but very rude.  Even though I was very upset by this level of service I was being provided I did just as she requested because she gave me an update.. I did not send another email to her.

MFF came and went I saw her there but I did not even speak to her so I would not seem like im bothering her. I received an Email from her on 11/25 saying that the artwork would be completed and shipped between 11/30-12/04 as well as requesting my home address. I quickly responded and provided the said information.

On 11/29 I received an Email advising that my Artwork had been sent along with another rude comment from her asking me about if all my fuss was really worth it.

As far as I was concerned I was glad that this nightmare was soon to be over with.

Fast Foward to today 12/02

I received the artwork today which can be seen here Along with an hand written note from her which I find appauling  here.

I am simply disgusted with the work performed by her. For Reference here is the orignal sample I sent her  (Sample)

Anyone can read my description and see my reference I sent and see many things wrong with the picture. I know different artists are going to have there own style of drawing but these are blatent errors. The main things of course being the color and pose of my character are wrong.

At this point in my dealings with her its more of a princple issue then it is the money or the bad art. I do not recommend her for any artwork and I post this here to hopefully save someone from having to go through what I did.  Her claims of my rudeness and being impatient with her when I honestly dont feel that I was. She blamed the delay on a flood which in all honesty must not have been a very devastating thing since she went to several cons during that time.

I could honestly go on and on about this but I feel that I have made my point. And I hope that others see this and spread this to others as well about her way of dealing with her paying customers.

Khir Moonclaw

*Update* 12/4/06

I received an email from BushyCat..

"True, you did land in my Spam box. True, delays happened to all my customers this summer and fall. True, I did make it to several conventions this year. Did you think your order demanded precedent over everyone else's? There were people in the Que ahead of you. It's more fair to fill orders in the order in which they are recieved. Or perhaps you thought your piece was so important, it should knock me out of doing the conventions I had reserved space at a year in advance? Should I have cancelled AnthroCon, family gatherings, Otakon, MFM and MFF for you? I should think not.

Funny how you did leave *my* mailbox alone after I asked you to give me some peace in November. That much, I appreciate. Yet you apparently raged at RCFM staff again during that time. That doesn't exactly put you on the good list.

Doesn't matter.
So long as you stay out of my hair, I am satisfied.

I didn't say this before, But I do hope in all sincerity that the artwork you got is what you wanted. I try to keep all my customers satisfied.

Sometimes, circumstances and personalities work to make it otherwise.

I consider this matter concluded.


Funny thing.. She just does not understand that its not a time issue with me. Its her poor attitude. and the "Raging to RCFM staff again" Was me emailing the head of the dealers den room asking what I paid for the commission in total because It didnt say on the receipt with the taxes.

And also just received another email..

"I worked off the artwork you sent me - as a reference. The emails I recieved from you were a copy of the order form from RCFM, and the artwork of your character. I also had the written description of the order from the convention itself.
Do I need to send *you* the picture you sent me as a reference?

You asked for a tasteful nude of your blue dragon character - who had a goatee and wings. That is what I sent. What's wrong with what I sent you?

I can't believe you.....!!

I'll never draw for a dragon again."
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