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I"m not sure what to do about this artist.

Her name on LJ is captain_jangles, and I ordered a tail from her waaaay back sometime in May/June. I sent the money order of $50 dollars (total was going to be $75) soon after the comission details had been set. Since then, the occasional progress checks I've made have revealed that she hasn't even started on my tail yet. Supposedly, the fur is there, and has been for months, but I haven't seen anything of it.
In fact, she seems to keep comming up with, and working on both personal suit peices and other commissions, including at least two new ones she's started this month.

We made no agreement about the initial money I sent, so I'm wondering if I can ask for it back, or if that's against Fursuiting protocol. Either way, I want to tell her I'm withdrawing my order and warning everyone about her, I just don't want to do anything out of line.

EDIT: Ah, my mistake 6_6;;; I'll specify. I *have* in fact contacted her through email *and* through her posts on LJ Openpaws. She keeps insisting she'll get to work on my tail, but has yet to do so ^^;;;

I'm sorry if I came here too soon, I really really don't want to step on any tails here, and I'm very nervous about this whole thing. I hate the idea of bothering an artist, or being an obnoxious commissioner, but I just wasn't sure what to do...

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