glowsheep (glowsheep) wrote in artists_beware,

Alrighty. Need some advice here from other people who've had this situation.

So, a certain person asked me to do an exchange with them. They're pretty well-known and they've never gotten any bad feedback that I've heard of.

Summary of what happened:

June 13- We agree on what to make for each other.

~July 15- I mail my side of the trade

Early August- She recieves my side of the trade and takes a picture of herself with it (I have proof she got it, basically)

(some indisclosed time inbetween) She deletes the pictures of her wearing what I made for her except for in an lj icon

September 16- Her side still hasn't come in, I email her asking about it and she says it's done, but she needs my address again. I give her my address again.

November 18- I still don't have what she said she made for me. I sent her another email about it.

What should I do?

-Should I post her name publicly up here so everyone can know not to trade with/commission her? Or would that just piss her friends off and make them start some shitfest with me? She's popular enough that I could see something like that happening.

-Should I keep up emailing and give her one more chance/a deadline, then start shit only if she goes over the deadline?

- Should I just stfu and stop whining? Am I just stupid for trusting someone?

...Or something else all together?
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