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Unreachable customer - "Scratch"

I don't have any complaints of a customer's behavior and I hope this post isn't off-topic.
I am unable to contact a customer about their badge that they ordered (in person) from me at Anthrocon '06. I've posted two forum entries searching for the commissioner on FurAffinity and the VCL but to no avail. He also hasn't contacted me by the business card he picked up from my table. In my error, I did not write down their contact number or e-mail and I cannot make out the name from the signature he left on my order form.
I'm posting this to show that I have attempted contact with the customer so that he doesn't think I ran off with his money should he be searching for me as well. I cannot proceed with completing his order until he approves the sketch.
I have a sketch of his badge for his review should anyone within this community know who he is or how I may contact him.
He gave me the name "Scratch" for his fursona. Google search doesn't turn up any leads.
He described his character as an alley cat/dragon hybrid with an ICP hatchetman pendant that he wished to have cat ears and a tail added on to it. I was hoping that someone in the fandom may know who he is or be friends with him. If possible, I'd like to get ahold of an e-mail address to contact him. He can also be directed to a scan of his badge sketch at the following link:
Scratch badge sketch

Thank you very much for your help and assistance.

- Guyver47

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