blueroo (blueroo) wrote in artists_beware,

The quickest ways to have your commission rejected

Folks, if you're going to commission an artist, please remember that respect runs both ways. Customers expect artists to be professional and courteous. Artists expect customers to be courteous too. If you are difficult, expect to have your commission rejected. If you are rude, expect to have your commission rejected. If you threaten the artist, expect to have your commission rejected. Remember, artists have the right to choose who they sell to.

Here are some big no-nos. If you do these, you should not complain if there are complications.

1. Fall off the internet, and fail to respond to communications.
2. Fail to contact the artist about any grievances.
3. Post inappropriately to public communities in a shameful effort to strong-arm an artist.
4. Send email threats like the one below. Set a 48 hour deadline, but then carry through on the first threat only minutes later.

Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 19:12:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Customer
Subject: 48 hour notice - last warning
To: Artist

Artist, you have 48 hours to send or post me any indication that you
have started my art, or your my grievance with you will be posted on
artists_beware and as many friends, communities and related websites as
I can find on the internet.
Further, I am not at all reluctant to take this case to the Washington
State Attorney General's Office, as well as the King County small claims
court system.
Your website has been down for days - you better be updating it with
photos of my project.

48 hours - that's it. No more pathetic excuses.

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