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Commissioner beware: Loftyk9


WHO: Loftyk9  

WHERE: Tumblr/Fur Affinity  

WHAT: 4 part sketch sequence/ mini comic

WHEN: Nov. 16th 2018 - Jan. 6th 2019

EXPLAIN:  I did a commission for Loftyk9 back in November 16th of 2018; of which hadn't been paid for until January 6th of 2019. Initially they had an error with the payment due to an unstable connection,I had given them time to rectify this error as I had other clients drafts to handle. More hindrances came about, ranging from being in the hospital,handling holiday related expenses and once again running into more transaction errors when reminded of the invoice a month and a half after the commission had been completed. I will openly admit to having handled it poorly on my behalf by not enforcing my pay up front policy; however, having given them more than enough time to have the transaction handled, being promised it would be handled at the moment of being reminded,and finally being told of a similar transaction error or simply getting no response until asked again, their credibility has been damaged and I'm unable to say that they're pleasant to do business with.  

PROOF: Gallery detailing the initial transaction,error and eventual resolving  https://imgur.com/a/afyOXUR


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