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Beware - UnderTheDarkness


UPDATE: UnderTheDakness has since deleted her discord when i asked when i'd be getting my money back over it. I am still working woth paypal to see if i can get a refund.

1/16/19 - She has deleted all her social medias and ToyHouse. All forms of contact are now not available for this person.

WHO: UndertheDarkness  


WHAT: $5o YCH action  

WHEN: May 15,2018 — present  

EXPLAIN: Given the user has deactivated their FA, I cannot provide images of the YCH I had bought. But sometime in May of 2018 I had placed bids on, and won a YCH from this artist. Over time, I believe I was given only one WIP. Shortly after they had their problems and such and I noticed they weren't speaking with me.

I had asked for an update a month after with a reply of "I will have an update sometime this week". Later I was given an update.

Later on they were doing in stream commissions, which was indeed finished and received, but my prior one was still on the back burner.

Jump to December of last year I learned they were doing refunds, and I was added to their list of the many people for the money they owed me.

Jump forward after 3 weeks from providing refund information to present time, their FA has since been deactivated and I have no other means of contacting this person. I should have opened a refund claim during the window when I noticed it was looking unlikely I'd be getting my art, but being the overly sympathetic understanding person I am it looks like this person has officially ran off with $50 of my hard earned cash.  


Proof of payment:

Asking for a WIP:

WiP provided:

WIP Uploaded Jun 24th *NSFW*:

Providing them refund information:

I'm honestly shocked she went and took this rout. At this point I don't even want the artwork, I just want my money back where it can go towards a more reputable artist that I've previously worked with.

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