lunahasawa996 (lunahasawa996) wrote in artists_beware,

Refund advice - What is considered a good way to ask?

Lately i've been finding people using artists as personal bank accounts, in which people have asked for a refund from an artist not because they don't want the art anymore, or got tired of waitong for it; but because they need the money.

Lately i didnt think i would run into this, but when i mentioned offering a refund to a person or a rdesign of the pose, they mentioned "well i am in need of money/short on money" in which i was like.. Taken aback some. I get people always need money, it is a needed thing to live. But the comment almost made me feel like O was almost his person's personal ATM.

Of course I will give them the refund if they asked, but the comment left me worried.

What if this person views me as an easy out for money next time they commission me and need it? Wjat of other people who commission me do the same? What do I do? Hand over the money like an ATM and have wasted time if i got a fair way into the artwork because they found their decision to buy the art in the first place was a bad one?

I'm so conflicted...
Tags: advice for artists
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