Tyrah New (Tyrah New) wrote in artists_beware,
Tyrah New
Tyrah New


WHO: DobermanMoralist @ FA

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: Digital Artwork

WHEN: September 29th, 2018 to Today

EXPLAIN: So I ordered a YCH from DobermanMoralist on September 29th. It is nearing three months since this date, and I have received NO updates on progress, NO messages, nothing. So on Monday I asked for either progress updates or a refund, and they said that they would complete mine AFTER they finished their new Christmas YCHs (which were ordered 3 weeks ago). I said "So.. you're doing the Christmas ones first, before the one I paid for three months ago?" Just to clarify, and they confirmed.

So I said "I think I'd just rather have the refund then." To which they responded "I don't do refunds, there was no queue, you weren't given a number on the queue, I'll do the art and you won't get your money back."

PROOF: https://sta.sh/0s54xmzrqgy EVERYTHING is in this one image.
Tags: artist-dobermanmoralist, beware
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