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Question: Is it okay to ask for a refund if a Holiday dead line piece isn't done by said Holiday?

Hello, AB.

I thought about this question because I almost had something like this happen recently and have actually had this happen in the past and I was wondering what your thoughts were on asking for a refund for holiday deadlined pieces?

I mean, I guess this could apply to things such as Birthdays and such, or just deadlines in general but Holidays are the main thing that comes to mind. I've also have seen artists who take on commissions specifically themed/ to be done by x Holiday or open for commissions in general but offer discounts for commissioners who want commissions themed around the upcoming holiday.

I'm the kind of person I do not like uploading holiday artwork if this holiday has come and gone. I like either uploading it before or on the day of so it's something that doesn't sit well with me. I've had this happen before and the artist allowed me to change the theme so it went well but I've seen some people outright refuse to even change the theme, especially if they gave discounts for it.

So I guess I'm asking your opinion on if it's acceptable to cancel the commission if the deadline is not met, is it okay to ask for an outright full refund even if some work is done since they missed the agreed-upon deadline, and if the artist doesn't want to work on changing the theme after they missed the deadline is it even more grounds to ask for a refund?

(Happy holidays to everyone by the way!)
Tags: advice for commissioners
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