lunahasawa996 (lunahasawa996) wrote in artists_beware,

Personal Art Between Commissions? Good or bad?

So I've had a terrible bout of lucj with my health, causing me to be slow on commissions (i do keep in contact and offer refunds!) and i've been wanting to still draw and doodle to keep from getting rustt or art block, but I feel almoat guilty for wanting to sit all comfortable on the couch with a sketchnook or coloring book and doodle or color while waiting for pIn medication to set in than sit for a while at a desk in a chair staring at a computer screen.

I feel bad wanting to take some down time while i feel under the weather and do personal bits of art while my commissions sit half finished.

Should i feel bad for doing this? Is it normal to want doodle/colorwhile relaxing and feeling under the weather with health and not worry about rushing art or giving poor quality because i don't feel good at the time?

I'm quitr conflicted now.
Tags: advice for artists
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