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Lost Commission Info Connection - MFF

Hello, my name is Zephra.

My FA can be found over here:

I'm mainly looking to post on AB, as I had accepted a lot of wing-its while at MFF. Once I got home from the convention, I went to sync my data online, but it overwrote my ipad and I lost everything instead. The last few days I've been posting through FA and Twitter to hopefully get attention and have people message me, and I feel so grateful that a lot of people have. As of sending in this AB post, 21/23 wing-its have been contacted and given info.

However, I am still missing information for two wing-its, and that is still a reason to now post this beware not as a beware in general, but in hopes of getting information out and getting in contact with two people who bought a commission from me, but I have no clue who they are.

As of right now, one slot was bought on Friday at the end of the con selling hours, one was bought on Saturday towards the middle of the day. They were paid with card, and I can confirm either with real name, or last four digits of the card that it was paid with. (Though, I do understand it's awkward asking for that last info, so I prefer to check by name if possible).

If I don't hear back once most of the slots are finished by the end of February, I'll be seeing about refunding the slots through Square, as I will not be holding on to those funds if I'm not doing work for it, but I'm hoping that by posting this I'll be able to reach out to the two slots that have yet to contact me.

I really feel bad about having this happen, and I'm definitely making changes for the next convention so that there are more backups/this will not happen again.

If you think the missing slot may be yours, please feel free to message me directly on FA, or by email at


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