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Foxiful/ Laseros

After waiting and waiting I have yet to receive any kind of payment or notification from her.


WHAT: Digital Art

WHEN: July, 30,2017 to Ongoing

EXPLAIN: Alright so to start this was a wonderfully normal interaction between an artist and commissoner that desperately needed help. Hearing from a friend this person needed it I decided to do so and here are those interactions.

See? Normal. Now this is when it starts to get bad. I noted her after waiting till Jan of 2018 seeing I had heard nothing from her not even WIP's

Then again in Mar seen below

This was never responded to.

Now, carrying on I started noticing journals going out. Now, I understand crap happens and all but it became more strange when I kept seeing more and heard absolutely nothing about my commissioned piece back in July.

I bought another piece in a small emergency journal

Not a problem! Was done live stream and everything! Ok! Awesome so waiting a bit longer I noticed more journals as seen below.

So, waiting a bit longer I was finally added to her discord group and therefore was able to get in contact with her via the messenger

Here became a slow progression of feeling overwhelmed with having to gently ask what is going on every now and then. Finally after waiting for a long time with no response I officially gave her an apology and asked for a refund if not a partial as seen in the proof above.

After waiting and waiting I have yet to recieve any kind of payment or notification from her.

This problem has finally been resolved as of 12/9/2018

Received a refund


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