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Being an artist myself I learned to be very patient when it comes for commissions. I have already commissioned people and waited for my finished picture for almost three years. But... in those cases I have been updated with progress scans and so on.

But now I am in following situation. In January 2005 I have paid the artis Jamie Sidor, also known as Emrys or Blaqriot, the proud sum of 400$ for a sketchbook commission.

Somewhen in March I think I had, out of cirousity, asked wheather or not she was able to start anything. Not to rush her, just because I was eager to know. She told me she had started it, but left it in her parents' house somewhere, when her younger cousin was over for a visit. He saw it and ornamented the pictures in it with crayons. So she wanted to start over. Well, bad things can happen and as I said, I can wait. I just felt bad for her that she had to start anew.

Short after that I think she moved from her parents' place to her own place? And this is where I lost track of her. She abandonned her Livejournal, her DeviantArt Journal and her MySpace thingy have last been updated in March this year.

I tried to contact her several times via mail, asking her if she was alright, if she could still finish my commission or if she'd have to stop working on it. I offered her to refund the money and because I know 400 bucks are a lot (...) she wouldn't have to pay it all back to me at once, in case she couldn't finish the commission.
Well, I never recieved an answer.
I also wrote her a deviantart note, but even though she was online in the meantime it seems she didn't even read my message.

So... I am pretty much at a loss right now and I don't know what to do. I already see my money being gone and me not getting anything for it.

Does anybody here have an advice for me? Does anybody probably have contact with her and could help me out? I would really really appreciate this.

I have reached a point were my spirits and hopes are less than low. -_-


- Bloodhound Omega
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