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Seeking Advice: No Responses After Winning Auctions

A preface for those unfamiliar with the site YCH.Commishes: When an auction ends, the website creates a little communication portal/page where the buyer and the seller can privately communicate, send references and files, etc.  Notifications for all new messages added to the portal, including when the portal itself is created automatically upon the auction ending, are sent to the person's email.

So, this has happened several [I'd guess 6-10?] times over the past year.  I end up winning an auction on YCH.Commishes.  I add my information to the portal and leave my PayPal e-mail, too, so I can be invoiced and pay for the auction.

But in several cases, the artist never responds even once.  Over a month or two, I left a few, "Hello?  I won this auction." type messages in the portal.

Two or three times, the artist had other websites listed in their auction, such as their deviantArt, FurAffinity, Twitter, etc. pages.  With those ones, after 2-5 months had passed without a response, I went to those other sites and asked them about the auction.  But in those cases, the artists still didn't respond.

I realize at a certain point I have to just give up.  I guess I'm wondering when would be a fair time to do that?  I've been keeping money set aside specifically for those auctions I've won but had no response to.  When can I give that up and use the money for something else?  I guess I just worry the artists will show up and be upset when I can't pay in a timely manner... =/
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