Fawk (fawkatronic) wrote in artists_beware,

Seeking Advice - Raffle Prize

About two years ago I entered a raffle for a new years themed chibi ych and ended up winning.

I gave the artist my ref sheet and waited patiently. New Year's came and went so I contacted the artist to request that since New Year's was over they not include the New Year hat on the ych to let it be a generic party ych instead. They agreed and I went back to waiting patiently. A few months later I messaged them to ask about the prize as politely as I could and was told that all raffle prizes are marked as low priority since paid things are more important and that they are trying to work on emptying their queue.

I understood this and figured that as long as they had me written down somewhere I would eventually get my chibi. I have not heard from them since. They seem to regularly take commissions and have even continued doing raffles without ever seeming to complete mine.

I didn't want to seem pushy over a free raffle prize so I hadn't bothered them again, maybe that was a mistake. But it's now coming up on 2 years and I am wondering should I just give up on ever getting the prize. I admit I feel a little salty and hurt over it. I know it was free art but it was still something promised and then never delivered.

Tags: advice for commissioners

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