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New Scam? Or me being paranoid?

This doesn't have to do with commissions, so hope it's not a bad first post- but I got this in my e-mail today, as did apparently about a hundred other people in the 'to' line:

Subject: =?iso-8859-1?B?k2RpZ2l0YUxhcnRllCAgliAgZXhoaWJpdGlvbi1jb21wZXRpdGlvbiBv?=
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 22:49:09 +0200
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1; format=flowed
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 18 Sep 2006 20:49:12.0272 (UTC) FILETIME=[E5595500:01C6DB63]

We think that your works of art are representative of the world of the
digital art , that is why we invite you to participate to the digital art
exhibition "digitaLarte”.

"digitaLarte" is inserted in the manifestation "Pecorsi Digitali" that will
take place in La Spezia (Italy) from 13 to 16 December 2006.

Send us an artworks of yours.

The artworks we get will be displayed through twelve screens for the time
of the duration of the exhibition. The artists who will produce the best
artworks be gain an award.

"Pecorsi Digitali": the impact that the development of computer sciences and
digital technologies has had in the field of arts.

Now, it kind of triggers some alarms in my head- I didn't have nearly enough time to research it today, and not sure how much I'll manage tonight.. so anyone else heard of this, and is it a really well-set up scam?

The webpage LOOKS fairly legit, though they're a bit messy on some of their .gifs (but then, the arts council I am on has a kind of not-professional site too...) and there almost seems like there's nothing to LOSE, they aren't asking for the usual phishy bank account info for the 'prizes'.

But I just am not sure how I'd have ended up on their list, unless they were browsing DA or Cafe Press :p (Btw, I am bakafox at both sites.)

Anyways.. thoughts on this from the people who've seen phishing directed at artists before?

A friend pointed me to this community as one that might have folks who knew something ^^
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