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Seeking advice- Customer asking me to do YCH

So i had a customer ive done business with before come to me, asking me to do art featuring 6 people with backgroynd and such. I explained to them the costs and any fines that might apply if the characters for the image follow under what is listed in my proces and ToS.

I explained the image would cost anywhere from $200-300 but they said they wanted the image to be drawn up in a sketch, they pay fr their 1 slot ($50) and i auction off the rest of the slots in a YCH.

The also gave me a deadline of wanting the art by the end of december. I work full time with about 2 hours max work i can do a day from previous wrist damage limiting my art time before it acts up.

I explained to them that i wasnt up for drawing something, waiting 1 week for people to take interest, and possibly a) have no one bid, b) people dont pay when they do bid and c) i lose out on what i could possibly make normally for such an elaborate multiperson piece as most of my past YCW start low and go up to normal price at times.

I told the person if they wanted to track down people to split the cost they can, but othwrwise turned them away.

Thing is: did i do the right thing declining the offer?

Was it right for the person to coke to me asking for such a piece only to pay such a small percentage and ask me to auction off the rest and risk it falling through?

This is the first time something like this has happened to m before and im bit confused on if I did the right thing or not.

P.S. please excuse typos im om my phone in the middle of the night
Tags: advice for artists, declining a commission
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